Yoga Gear

Yoga Mats, blocks and straps are available now! Check here to see what choices you have, including reviews!

TT$950 to $1750
Yoga Mats
SPECIALTY YOGA MATS We no longer carry standard yoga can find these at sports store. We now only carry LIFORME AND BMAT YOGA MATS Follow the link to see what your options are! CLICK HERE...You can choose your own mat and we can order it!
TT$480 to $850 per pair
Yoga EGG Blocks

We don't do rectangular blocks anymore...nope!  We sell Yoga Egg Blocks...that form to your back and the back of your knees!

STRAPS These natural cotton beauties come with no buckles on the end, and instead have a loop on either end. They are easy to wash and quiet in class and washer/dryer. Available in the following colours:
  • Vinyasa Blue
  • Vriksasana Purple
  • Crimson
  • Tadasana Green
Guru Non-Slip Yoga Towels
TheTowel1-920x290 The towels are soft and super absorbent. Eco-friendly, made of 80% polyester, derived 100% from **recycled plastics, and 20% natural cotton. The only towel that has a patent pending pocket on the back. A place to hold your keys, your rings or it can even attach to the corner of your mat to prevent even more slippage during your class. They are pre-shrunk and pre-washed to keep all the colours from running. Always in the coolest colours and 25×68 in size. **These towels are made from recycled pop bottles. The plastic bottles are broken down and spun into thread This process is so super eco-friendly, because even the towel itself can be recycled back into that raw thread again and made into a new towel. Super cool!