For the last month we were playing a game called YINGO!  All you had to do was take at least 9 different classes with 9 different instructors.

The idea came about to try to get you all to take a chance and discover what each of member of The Sangha Trinidad’s teaching team had to offer.  Yeah yeah we knew you had your faves, but we also knew you could and can learn so much from each of us.

The idea was a hit!!  We had 60 people participate and the feedback was amazing!  Some of you were really impressed!  Some of you hadn’t given the first batch of Trainees a second chance since they first taught and were blown away by the improvements and level of quality of their teaching.  Some of you were forced to try different time slots just to try to catch certain instructors and were pleased to know that you could actually come at different times…you could make it work.

So thanx for playing, folks and now we’ve reached the end.




You have a 3-Month Pass to take unlimited classes with us.  That means we get to see you way more often…woot woot!!!  There’s AcroYoga in October and November and a whole bunch of other classes.  This pass can start whenever you like, just let us know!  Have fun and BIG smooches!!!

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