He is staying in Glencoe and conducts daily sittings in the front garden there at 6AM and 6PM.  You are welcome to join him.
    If you want to discuss your practice he will see people during the early meditation periods. If you are interested in taking the refuges while he is here please let him know.

    WHEN:  Every Sunday are the usual meetings…and all are welcome!
    TIME:  1PM Optional Sunday Sit AND official group sit at 3PM until 5PM
    WHERE:  Alternating  between THE SANGHA TRINIDAD location in St. Clair and the STOLLMEYER’S ESTATE HOUSE, SANTA CRUZ.

  3. Upcoming retreats:

    • Friday, May 24 to Sunday, May 26Weekend Retreat at Toco at the 'Toco Foundation Agro Tourism Centre' in CumanaRetreat details - The retreat will start at 6pm on the Friday but you're welcome to come any time after 12 noon. There are 6 rooms available and Andy is giving us a generous 50% discount so they are $150TT per night per room. The rooms have a double and a single bed as well as adjoining bathrooms. There is a conference room where we will meet, a dining room and a big kitchen. The Centre is set in 7 acres of land and there is hiking and a river nearby as well. It's quiet there 🙂 The Heeramans are very kindly providing food for us all. **If you have any questions you can call Andy Noel on 494 0470. Please contact Rinchen as soon as you can to book a place/places.  
    • Friday, June 21 to Sunday, June 23 We will also have a weekend retreat at Santa Cruz.

    • A 6-week course in training the mind (and you don’t have to be able to meditate to begin the course)
    • The course is open to all – young and old. You can be of any religion – no need to change from that – or someone not following a religion?  No problem!
    • There will be a booklet available covering the course
    • Certificates awarded upon completion.
    • The course will be taught by Monk Rinchen – a Buddhist monk who came to the Caribbean in 1970 as a new meditator and who has been coming back to the Caribbean ever since.
    • After the course it will be possible to join the local group of practitioners who meet weekly – alternating between The Sangha Trinidad in St. Clair and The Stollmeyer’s Estate in Santa Cruz.
    • The First class begins Saturday, April 27 at 10:30AM, at The Sangha Trinidad at 6 Scott Street, St. Clair

    Monk Rinchen would also like to start an environmental group.  If Interested? Please contact him.

COSTS: ~ There is no charge for any of the classes, retreats or courses, but donations are greatly appreciated ~

Richen can be reached at 710-8413 by phone and by whatsapp at +1(268) 721-6604 AND
Julian can be reached at 783-3791
Please contact them first before showing up, as the schedule and location could change.


I was born in England not that long after the Second World War of a Jewish father and Christian mother in fortunate circumstances. There was time to be schooled in quite a good way and time even to glimpse something of the happiness and sacredness of life, as well as to feel its impermanence and suffering. Sent away to an Anglican boarding school with a chapel and many services this was all rather forgotten in student days.

But then, while travelling out to the West Indies on completion of engineering studies, I was somehow fortunate enough to meet a young American woman who had lived with a Hindu teacher as her student and who took the time to teach me yoga and meditation – pretty odd practices in seemed to me! After some time and with her pointing it out I slowly realized – meditation really changes things! Previous religious admonitions, though sound, didn’t seem to deliver the tools we would need to make good on its advice. This was a wonderful step forward and I’ll always be grateful to her and for that year, most of which was spent in the US Virgin Islands. There I started zen practice with a fellow seeker a bit more advanced than myself.

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My name is Karen Blackman. I'm the author of most of the material found on this website. When I write, you will find that my words are as if I am speaking to you directly. I try to be funny, straight to the point and simple. Here's hoping you enjoy! Oodles of Toodles and plenty Hugz of goodness! KB