~Tamara Cozier 2016

Let me start by saying this specifically to Trinidadians, living in Trinidad…if you want to change your life without “changing your life” then this intensive is for you. You can do this without changing your job and location. Sure, you won’t have time to do some things…like spend an evening doing absolutely nothing! But this is a temporary sacrifice that will endless rewards.

Sometimes you just won’t want to do it and that’s okay. Just remember the “why” you are doing it and that would help you to get through. This course will make you want to dig deeper, want more, know more…this was the beginning of a lifelong journey for me, that gets better with time, like wine. But I must mention that it is intense in EVERY sense of the word but it is surely worth it. I have no regrets in doing it. Sometimes I felt tired, annoyed, tired, overwhelmed and did I mention tired? mentally and physically, but I can never say that I regretted doing it. The Sangha Trinidad will always hold a special piece of my heart.