~Rita Purdeen 2015

There are lots of well-trained and experienced persons out there who can teach you the countless Asanas and no doubt help you to become a qualified yoga instructor. But there is only one Karen Blackman – she not only teaches you those yoga Asanas but she also blows your mind and opens your heart to welcome and receive the true meaning of yoga. Most of all what stands out is her positive and uplifting interaction with people – you can see this is in her classes at the Sangha, she has a large following of students; many whom have been with her for a number of years. She consistently delivers new types of classes with fresh twists – so students are always challenged and keep coming back for more.

Karen’s teacher training takes you on a holistic journey never to be forgotten – that year was one of the most memorable and life changing experiences of my life. There is the physically rigorous training and learning about the various aspects of yoga from a host of experienced local and international teachers which Karen hand picks to be part of her annual teacher training line up. And then there is that ‘mother like’ but boot – camp, tough but empathic, daring, inspirational and brave woman that is Karen Blackman to help you along every step of the way. Her experience and knowledge are truly vast and she is an excellent teacher – grabs your attention from the start and is always challenging you to reach new heights and try new things. She is not afraid to push you and let go of your hand as you discover your path on the journey to becoming a qualified and fantastic yoga instructor.

So if your quest is to become a qualified yoga instructor or you are looking to deepen your practice and you want to be challenged, benefit from the experience of world class teachers and a fun learning environment, I definitely recommend that Karen Blackman is the person for you. Of course you can see for yourself by trying out her classes at the Sangha!