The Sangha Trinidad’s Yoga Teacher Training in Barbados!

THE OLD SUGAR HOUSE is located in St Peter, Barbados on the West Coast.  It has magnificent panoramic views over plantation fields and the Caribbean Sea. Imagine doing sunset yoga by a large private swimming pool? The lounge and dining area overlook this amazing swimming pool and the sea, offering spectacular sunset views. This informal retreat was built on the site of an old sugar storage barn and has a long history.  It’s a 3min drive to Mullins Beach; 5min drive to Local Shops; 15min drive to the Nearest Town; and for any local participants it is also quite public transport-friendly…saweeeet!

For International participants, this could be a nice getaway…a “vaycay ‘n’ learn” so to speak.

For Caribbean National participants, this program was also designed to help as many of you as possible to have the ability to take a Teacher Training of this caliber, without having to worry about getting a Visa to travel to places like North America, that can be challenging to many.

For Locals, Bajan Residents, you get the added bonus of not having to take so much time off of work and/or your family, as you have the choice of choosing morning sessions or evening sessions or both during the weekdays…giving you the ability to work around your work schedule and/or family commitments.  As a local you also don’t have to worry about airfare and finding room and board.

The Sangha Trinidad is currently the ONLY 500hr Yoga Alliance Registered School in the Caribbean!  It’s a 500hr Yoga Alliance recognized program that is completely accessible and VERY intensive!  There is the first 6-week intensive, that we do here in Barbados, and then you have 10 months of practice teaching and projects.  At the end of the year you will be officially certified.

We have introduced numerous techniques never been offered in other Teacher Trainings around the world in the hopes that it produces the best instructor in YOU that you can be.  We use a combination of nationally renowned Caribbean faculty and internationally world renowned faculty to not only keep the cost of the training affordable, but to help us offer a spicy, balanced program that would be recognized anywhere you taught.  Check out the CURRICULUM for more details!  Still not sure how this is gonna work?  Visit our FAQ page!

For the Barbados Training, we are hosting YuMEE CHUNG! Talk about the bomb dot com?!!!  This woman is amazing!  She brings so much knowledge…amazing energy and tons of stuff for us to learn – arm balances, inversions, flexibility and more!  Check out her workshops at…!  As Teacher Trainees, you get to participate in all the workshops…in fact, it is required!

We are also hosting HALI SCHWARTZ!  ‘Philosophy, History, Pranayama and Sanskrit’ has never been this exciting.  This is such a heavy topic and when we introduced her to the Trinidad Training last year, you didn’t see a single sleepy eye…it was awesome!  With her acting background as well, her communication session is sure to help you find your teaching voice…your authentic you!  Too much to list, but know that it’s gonna rock!

As for Anatomy…there are many teachers today who can tell you how much this topic made you want to pass out with sleep…no lie!  But thanks to VALERIE ANNE VERDIER, Anatomy has a whole new meaning…FUN!

OMG…too much to talk about…#theexcitementisreal!


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