How to Apply


  • Just message us!

    That's right...easy like that! Message us and let us know you are interested.
  • Specify which weekday session you would like to participate in?

    We have 2 sessions:
    8AM to 1PM (5hrs)
    5PM to 10PM (5hrs)
    Please indicate which session.
    Also note that you can mix it up for work purposes. For example, if you needed to do part of the Training in the morning and the part in the evening, that is acceptable.
  • Ensure you have had a consistent practice.

    You want to at least be current in your practice...if you are unable to connect with your own practice, how are you going to be able to help others connect with their's?
  • Try to make studio connections before you start.

    If you live in a place where studios exist, try to connect with the owners and prepare them for your return so that you can perhaps teach classes at their space.
  • Ask questions!

    Make sure you are comfortable with your decision so that when you start there are no regrets. This must be something you want to do!
  • Pay your deposit/full fees

    Payment in full by the start of the Training would be ideal. If not, a deposit TT$10,000.00 can be paid by MARCH 31, but please note that it is non-refundable after this is assumed that you are taking the Training. A payment plan to address the balance can be discussed and once an Agreement is made and finalized, all we ask is that you adhere to the payment dates and amounts as agreed.