Director, The Sangha Trinidad an RYS® 500 | Established in 2005
(Currently the only Yoga Alliance 500hr Registered School in this part of the Caribbean)

Karen Blackman comes with over 24 years of experience. She practised 6 years of Bikram Yoga and then went on to practice and study Moksha/Modo Yoga®, where she was part of the first Moksha/Modo Yoga® Teacher Training in 2004. This Training included the likes of Michael Stone, Frank Jude Boccio, John Friend and so many others! It changed her life! Karen has done a lot with regards to the growth of yoga in Trinidad. She opened the very first commercial/open door yoga studio. Was featured widely in the national media – Trinidad Express, Trinidad Guardian, Caribbean Belle and Uhealth Magazine, as well as CNC3, TV6 and Gayelle. She’s been published in the AMCHAMTT magazine, Linkage and in Upful Journal…all in the hopes of inspiring others. Her work in giving back, has also spread as far as Italy, where her charity, The Karma Foundation was featured in Spore (a magazine financed by the EU) for her idea of Karma Tags for Change. Many of Trinidad’s current yoga instructors have been taught by her and she can safely say that she has introduced and taught over 10,000 people in Trinidad alone to yoga, taught over 50,000 hours, has been pivotal in helping many rehabilitate their injuries and/or just simply learn how to manage their challenges…sharing in many life-changing experiences. In short, she has dedicated and continues to dedicate her life to helping folks find their yoga!

Over 17yrs teaching experience: Toronto, Montreal, London (Ontario, Canada), British Virgin Islands and currently Trinidad and Tobago where she now resides.

Director, The Sangha Trinidad | established in 2005 | RYS® 500 (currently the only Yoga Alliance 500hr registered school in this part of the caribbean)
Director, The Karma Foundation | established in 2007
Creator/Founder of The Sangha Trinidad’s Yoga Teacher Training Program | established in 2013

BComm, Business Management, Minor Business Law, Minor Business Communications | Toronto Metropolitan University (Formerly Ryerson University)

Yoga Alliance E-RYT® 500  , YACEP® | Certified Modo Yoga (Formerly Moksha Yoga Canada) Level I and II and Yin Yoga Instructor | Vipassana 10-day Silent Meditation Course in Costa Rica | Functional Anatomy with Susi Hately (one of Canada’s top Functional Anatomy Instructors, who has worked with the Canadian Olympic Team)





Usui Reiki Practitioner Level and Reiki Master (Teacher-Trainer) (3rd Degree)| Highest Level Karuna Reiki Practitioner and Highest Level Karuna Reiki Master Levels.

Degree (Level 1)
Reiki is a form of ENERGY MEDICINE. Energy Medicine are techniques used for relaxation and stress relief; accelerating physical and emotional healing; and enhancing overall well-being. This course includes an overview of the history of Reiki, hand placements and self and group practice. Upon completion of this certificate, you will be attuned to the usui System of Natural Healing in accordance with the usui Shiki Ryoho tradition.

Angela is heavily involved in Energy Work (also referred to as Energy Medicine, Wellness Therapies, or Energy Healing). She also delivers one-on-one Clarity Coaching sessions and Clarity Workshops for groups.

LLB Degree (Bachelor of Laws, University of London) | Clarity Coach/Life Coach – CPC (Certified Professional Coach)
Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) | Life Stress Reduction (LSR) and Ability Enhancement (AE) Facilitator | Blue Star Trinidad and Tobago-trained Counsellor.

Principal and Afro-Caribbean Drumming Instructor and Founder of the award-winning Blackman’s Private School Trintofusion Drummers at Blackman’s Private School | Advanced) Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Practitioner Level | Sacred Peace Healing Energy | Reconnection (Sphe-re) 1st Level Teacher and Highest Level Practitioner Levels | Graduate of the Silva Method and Landmark Education’s | Plus many other Personal Development programs among other types of self-development systems and courses.




Lead Public Relations Consultant and Trainer

Dennise Demming has more than 30 years experience in Business Communications having held various management positions in the Media, Energy and Manufacturing Sectors. She is currently the Lead Consultant at Demming Communications, a Public Relations consultancy service which she founded over 12 years ago.

Her business communication experience is supported by a strong academic background. She holds an MBA from the Institute of Business, University of the West Indies, a B.Sc. in Political Science & Public Administration as well as a certificate in Mass Communications also from the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus. This academic prowess is enhanced by her participation in numerous local and international training activities aimed at skill development in a wide range of areas.





Yoga Alliance RYT® 500 Certified Sangha Yoga Instructor and
Currently the only Yoga Alliance RYT® 500 Certified Kemetic Yoga Instructor in Trinidad & Tobago

Zahra first completed her Kemetic Yoga Teacher Training in 2011. She was drawn to Kemetic Yoga as it is an African-Based Yoga System. She studied and trained with Yirser Ra Hotep. The foundation of Kemetic Yoga is rooted in the principles of Maat and is a system that taught her the importance of breath control, mental development and spiritual transformation. She then completed The Sangha Trinidad’s Yoga Teacher Training program in June 2014 with Karen Blackman, where it reinforced for her the idea of a stress-free yoga practice, the importance of the anatomy and caring for the spine.

She has certifications in various modalities of Massage Therapy, Holistic Iridology, Health and Nutrition, Spa Management and an M.B.A in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. She is currently completing her Ph.D in Natural Health with a focus on Holistic Nutrition.


B.Sc. Kinesiology
Owner/Founder of Functional Synergy Inc.
Founder of the IAYT Accredited Yoga
Therapy Certification Program.

Susi is one of Canada’s most sought after yoga therapists, and trainer of yoga therapists. A best-selling author of the Anatomy and Asana series and the Yoga for Anatomy DVD-ROM, Susi has been highlighted in Yoga Journal, Real Simple, Natural Health, Yoga Therapy Today, Bridal Magazine, Chatelaine, and ACE fitness. She is unique in 2 ways – First, her approach is that she sees on a regular basis how each of her students is able to reduce their pain and improve how they move through a combination of Biomechanics, Anatomy and Kinesiology instruction.  And second, she takes the principles that made her one of the most effective yoga therapists in North America and applies them to helping yoga teachers build their business. Truly, she is as interested in helping her students out of pain as she is at helping yoga teachers earn a living. Thousands of yoga teachers have taken her yoga therapy trainings and business trainings, and the results are amazing. Teachers around the globe are not only helping their students out of pain, they are also earning a living. Do what you love, make a difference in the world, and make a living too! How beautiful is that?




Certified Thai Yoga Massage Therapist, Watsu Aquatic Therapist and Acupuncturist.

Obediya comes with several years of experience providing treatments for high level athletes, professional dancers, yoga teachers and students. Obediya specializes in teaching Yoga Teachers about the importance of touch and the integration of Thai Yoga Massage into their yoga teaching practice.

With over 15 years of experience studying and using body awareness health and wellness techniques from all over the world, Obediya has created a system that simplifies very complex concepts into easy to understand exercises. He has successfully taught these workshops all over the world in multiple languages, sometimes without the assistance of a language translator. The end result has always left him proud of the people he teaches, as they are able to incorporate their new skills into their routine with confidence.

Born in Canada, he started his journey exploring health and wellness while living in a small village in South East Asia in 1998. After extensive western education, training and clinical practice in Canada and the United States, he now gives back to the professional community by teaching workshops to share his accumulated knowledge.

After many years of clinical practice in Vancouver, Canada Obediya currently resides in Cleveland, Ohio. In addition to his workshops he consults with an internationally represented NGO and African nationals to build a health clinic and wellness centre for the disadvantaged in the inner city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.



Certified 250hr and 300hr Advanced YTT, Certified Aerial Yoga Instructor Training,  Certified Trauma Sensitivity YTT, Insightful Adjustments YTT

Haley Wall hails from Ottawa, Ontario and is a certified Aerial Yoga instructor, who has also been trained to train aerial yoga by The Lisa Kitteringham Aerial Yoga Program. She is also a certified Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Pre-Natal Yoga instructor, who is currently based out of Toronto. Haley’s experience exploring different forms of movement started ten years ago when she began her extensive performative dance career. When she moved to Toronto in 2013 to attend the Ontario College of Art and Design University, she started taking yoga classes with Lisa Kitteringham, who soon thereafter became her mentor. Haley completed her first 250-hour yoga teacher training while she worked on her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. While working on her Degree, Haley also took the opportunity to study the human form within her art career by taking a series of figure drawing and painting classes, giving her the ability to perceive and teach subtle anatomical alignment to her students. In order to finesse her teaching style and learn how to fluidly integrate neuroscientific and philosophical concepts into her teaching, Haley additionally undertook a number of one-on-one mentorship sessions with Linda Malone, the owner of Iam Yoga Studios and the founder of Blu matter project. Along with Linda’s guidance, Haley added to her repertoire by taking Mental Health Sensitivity Training with Aaron Moore and Trauma-Sensitive yoga with David Emerson. This allows her approach to Training to be a lot more intuitive with regards to her students.  She also worked with Christian Helm, the stretching guru and flexibility coach, where the focus of their training is in developing a balanced strengthening regime.Haley is always looking for ways to gain new perspectives and discover new content to bring to her teaching and now The Sangha Trinidad welcomes her as we will now have the pleasure and honour of learning from her!



Philosophy Educator, Restorative Yoga Educator, Published Author and Actor.  International Meditation Institute (I.M.I. ), Kullu; Ashtanga Yoga with Ron Reid

Hali has been deeply immersed in the world of Yoga since childhood when her mother met her guru from the Himalayas while he was teaching in Canada. For Hali, this began what would be a life long journey into the heart of the Yoga practice. She first visited India in 1988 and has been studying at the International Meditation Institute there, every year since. This was where she was introduced to the Hatha and Restorative practices of Yoga, studied Sanskrit, the various Indian scriptures such as the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita as well as Yoga history, religion and philosophy. She also learned the science and immersed herself in the practice of Meditation, Prananyam and Chanting. Hali passionately teaches all aspects of this ancient and rich tradition in ways that are relevant and accessible… and often humorous. A teachers’ teacher, Hali is a senior faculty member of the Yogaspace 200 and 300 hour Teacher Training Programs and of The Sangha Trinidad’s 500hr Teacher Training Program. She also teaches public and private classes and leads International Yoga Retreats in varied and exotic destinations in Europe, Asia and India.



Registered Social Worker and Educator. Masters in Social Work: Indigenous Trauma and Resilience. Over 10 Years Teaching Experience. Her approach is therapeutic and trauma informed. Julia’s lived experience as a survivor fuels a passion for social activism and working with other survivors of all ages.

The Neuroscience of Trauma, Somatic movement and meditation, Trauma Informed Teaching Methodology (lecture +experiential), Creating Safer Spaces + Conflict Resolution, Accessibility in Practice/practice teaching






A Multi-Disciplinary Movement Coach, Community Worker and Mindfulness Practitioner. 200hr, Yin & Restorative, Embodied Arts Training, as well as Trauma-informed Yoga and Mindfulness.  10 years Teaching Experience. Has worked with New Leaf Foundation for 7 in a variety of roles, including Youth and community work, Trauma-informed movement and mindfulness facilitation.

The Neuroscience of Trauma, Somatic movement and meditation, Trauma Informed Teaching Methodology (lecture +experiential), Creating Safer Spaces + Conflict Resolution, Accessibility in Practice/practice teaching








These instructors gave us insight into their particular styles of yoga so as to give Trainees exposure to other philosophies, teaching styles and whatever can help them be better instructors.