S01-YA-SCHOOL-RYS-500webThe Sangha Trinidad is currently
the ONLY 500hr Yoga Alliance Registered School in the Caribbean!

The program we offer is a 500hr Yoga Alliance recognized program
that is completely accessible and VERY intensive!
We also introduced numerous techniques never been offered in other Teacher Trainings around the world
in the hopes that it produces the best instructor in YOU that you can be.
We use a combination of nationally renowned Caribbean faculty and internationally world renowned faculty to not only keep the cost of the training affordable, but to help us offer a spicy, balanced program that would be recognized anywhere you taught.

The next Sangha Trinidad’s Yoga Teacher Training will begin May 2, 2020!!
(Please Note:  All payments for 2020 should be complete
by/or before the start of the Training)

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The Curriculum is pretty much the same from year to year,
we might change faculty, and tweak some things, but the course work is the same.
Here was the Curriculum and Faculty for 2018… 


  • In trying to keep the program accessible, we have two (2) sessions during the weekdays  – one morning session and one evening session.
    If you are interested in either session, please let us know which session when you email us.
  • Those of you who have kids and really can’t do evenings, but can swing the time off during the day, now have an option.
  • The morning session however will be determined by the numbers registered.
  • Both groups will then come together on the weekends
  • The course is 6 weeks and while it is a 500hr Yoga Alliance program, we cover over 750hrs. of work!
  • The fee is TT$40,000.00 and includes your compact binder…your Teacher Training Bible and other certain course materials.
    PLEASE NOTE:   (Accommodations, OTHER books, food and other supplies are extra)

  • While there is a fee of TT$40,000.00, you receive an extra TT$40,000.00 in value in extras as follows:
  • **Access to the Mentoring Program value TT$16,000.00 (sitting in classes, reviewing projects, feedback, meetings)
  • A Year Pass value TT$5,000.00 which enables you to take as many classes as you like
  • Mat and Towel Rentals, plus Free Water Refills value TT$2,600.00
  • Rental Space to Practice Teach value TT$8,000.00
  • ***Access to Future Workshops minimum value TT$3,400.00
  • Social Media Marketing value TT$5,000.00 (FB, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Email Newsletter, Website)
    VALUE =  TT$40,000.00
    **Whether or not you want to receive this extra value, it does not change the price for the Training, but the Practicum hours and the projects must be completed in order to receive the certificate**

    Access to the Mentoring program is not guaranteed.
    It’s based on your performance throughout the Training and the Director’s decision
    Access to future workshops and the whether you are required to pay or not or the amount that may have to be paid,
    is based on service return to The Sangha Trinidad (i.e. how much you give back in time, support and add to the bottom line)



We’ve had some people ask why our program is so expensive.  But you have to do your research folks, the cost of building a top notch faculty is high…plain and simple!  If you go online and research a 500hr Teacher Training, you will discover that the costs are phenomenal.  Here’s a sample…
In Bali
Tuition Only $4,950USD OR $32,175TTD Early bird
Inclusive packages (food and living) from
$6,445.00USD OR $41, 893TTD (Early Bird)
And this is the Early Bird pricing
Then add the cost of airfare, living and the loss of income…i think this one was for 4 weeks

Thailand Retreat (60hrs)
$1990USD OR $13,000TTD – double room
$2390USD OR $15,600TTD – single room
And this is just for 60hrs.  Then add the cost of airfare, living and the loss of income

Other Programs break down the 500hrs into modules and you have to pay per module and they run for different dates.  Or they require you to have completed a 200hr and a 300hr program first.  An example of the modules…
Kripalu School of Yoga in the U.S.
Yoga Teacher Training 500-Hour Certification
Tuition per module $1049USD plus accommodations extra.  There are 4 modules
So $4200USD OR $27,300 just for the tuition.  Then add the cost of airfare, accommodation, food and living and the loss of income each time you have to travel to finish a module…that’s 4 trips!!

The last we saw, the Moksha Yoga Training in the Canada was about $4500CDN, then add the cost of airfare, accommodation, food and living and the loss of income.  You are also required to pay $1000 +tax* CND/US non-refundable deposit.  The last group of instructors who went to this Training from Trinidad spent just over $60,000TTD for everything!  There are about 65 to 70 people per Training.

Not sure what the Bikram Yoga Training is like now, but back in the day it was about $16,000USD OR $104,000TTD to $20,000USD OR $130,000TTD…Then add the cost of airfare, accommodation, food and living and the loss of income.  AND there are about 400 people per Training!

Here nah…it ent easy out there!

We found that only certain people could go to these Trainings and you mos def had to be in a particular income bracket.  If you had a family, job commitments etc., the idea of this seemed even more out of reach.  And if you are from the Caribbean and don’t have a VISA it’s even harder to access these international programs.

Our hope with The Sangha Trinidad’s Yoga Teacher Training is to make teacher training way more accessible to those in the Caribbean. There are so many of you who would make awesome instructors…you have so much to offer.  We wanted to give you the same quality and the same attention to detail without you having to leave or lose.  You can work around your work schedule and be near for your family if need be. If you are from up the islands, you don’t have to travel far.  We  have one person who is doing the morning session for the first month…for her vacation and then doing the evening session for the last two weeks when she goes back to work…so it’s a very flexible program.

The Sangha Trinidad’s Yoga Teacher Training is $40,000TTD.  There are 4 to 10 people and 500hrs….no modules, no airfare if you are local and some of the same North American faculty as in the other trainings abroad. PLUS, you may be invited into an internship in Toronto (if you desire) and/or at The Sangha Trinidad.

Now…when you see the numbers can you really say that we are pricey?

If I have further convinced you of the value for dollar *smile*, then feel free to contact us at


Here is an overview of the FULL COURSE CURRICULUM for the
6-Week Intensive Yoga Teacher Training



Every session will begin with a 15 minute meditation and/or pranayama practice led by one of the senior teachers. It is no problem if this is your first time practicing meditation – although the practice will be suitable to more experienced practitioners, no experience is necessary. Incorporating meditation into your day is a great way to cultivate a mindful, productive, stress-free and focused day.

We will focus on The Sangha Trinidad’s Yoga Series, which is based on the Principles of Moksha Yoga®.  We will explore sequencing in such classes like Flow Classes, More Advanced Classes, Classes with Music, Silent Classes.  And touch on Yin Yoga and Strength + Mobility Classes and learning to teach Asana yoga to many levels.  Variety in teachers and teaching styles will provide tools for interpretation within the series, and further the process of making your teaching personal and authentic.

In this interactive lecture series, each posture in the sequence will be broken down to explore alignment , modifications and variations, “release valves” (including Contraindications), and benefits.  We will also discuss the reason for the sequence with regards to Backbends, Forward Bends, Balancing Poses, Twists, Hip Openers, Sun Salutations and Inversions.  Each pose will be discussed in deep detail so that the teacher trainers can discover the biomechanics of each posture and hence the safest and most effective way to enter and exit each posture.

    Teaching Methodology focuses primarily on all the teaching moments that happen before, during and after class. This is a chance to learn how to create comfort and confidence within the art of teaching and defining your teaching practice…being the best instructor that you can be!


  1. Communication – helps us how to be be better communicators.  We will learn how to make eye contact, the effects of your body language and how to read your students’ body language, verbal cues.
  2. PLUS we will learn…“It’s not about you” and what that means.
  3. We also learn how to find your own voice
  4. Your teaching tone and the importance of variety, including voice projection, utilizing key ‘trigger’ words, body language and the use of visualization to convey information.
  5. Further discussion will revolve around the different ways in which people learn (visual, physical and audio)
  6. How to demonstrate
  7. The importance of observing and giving feedback
  8. How to teach Hot Yoga (what to look for)
  9. How to prepare oneself mentally before teaching a class.

This section resolves around one of the most important aspects of teaching: the safe and effective performance of yoga asanas. We will focus primarily on the entry, stasis and exit to and from poses, as well as the following:

  1. Teaching various body types – seniors, hyper-mobile, lack of awareness, heavier body types vs. smaller body types, injuries (common, multiple, special cases), pre and post natal
  2. Introduction to potential mental and physical disorders and how to handle – eating disorders, anxiety and panic attacks, depression, asthma, Rheumatoid Arthritis
  3. Includes the use of blocks, straps and other props
  4. Using both verbal and hands-on adjustments. There will also be discussion revolving around the issues of hands-on adjustments, recognizing limitations and how to be most effective in directing students to self-adjust.


Learn how to build a sustainable teaching career.  Hireability and Saleability.  Building your yoga brand and using Social Media.  We will explore in detail the nuts and bolts of setting yourself up as an effective yoga professional and introduce practical techniques for managing your time, your finances (NIS, Taxes, etc.), building your class and workshop numbers, creating a strong and consistent following and ultimately flourishing as a teacher mindfully and with a true yogic mind.


    Susi Hately and her Functional Synergy Team, introduce us to the Principles of Anatomy, Kinesiology and biomechanics of Yoga Asana, through exciting workshops and discussions…just think toes!!!INTRODUCTION TO ANATOMY (28HRS)
    Understanding anatomy and how it relates to yoga asanas, including Principles of Anatomy for the Core.  We will also practice safe core exercises.THE PHYSIOLOGY – CHAKRAS, NADIS AND ENERGY (7HRS)
    Through various sessions will be introduced to the Chakras, the Nadis and the concept of energy.sanghaseparator2-600px
    Considering that the Buddha himself was an enlightened yogi, we are introduced to the Buddha’s teachings within the concept of the Yoga Tradition. These lectures illustrates that the common aspiration of all spiritual practitioners is to overcome suffering and imbalance and awaken to our inherent wholeness and union with all things.  You will also be introduced to the main yogic texts and their central themes in a way that brings them to life and makes their wisdom relevant for modern yogis. The study of yoga philosophy will plug you into a rich tradition and add depth to your teaching.
    We are taught how to REACH IN to yourself, awaken your power and realize your full potential.  REACH OUT with this power and potential to help positively transform the world through innovative yogic service.

    We will watch and review movies that are thought provoking and maybe life-changing and see what arises.  The diversity of the group should make this truly exciting!
    This is a chance to document the physical, spiritual and emotional journey that students experience throughout the training. Journaling is an opportunity to slow the mind and work through the challenges and excitement that arise in such an intensive training.
    Each teacher trainer will be required to give a presentation. Presentation topics will be provided and is a great opportunity to put public speaking skills into practice in a setting that is more comfortable and varied than a standard yoga class.
    Books will be suggested , but again, all thought provoking, meaningful, with the intention of helping you be the best yoga instructor that you can be!


    This part is broken down into three (3) parts:
    Emphasis will be placed on preparing the teacher trainer for the actual practice of teaching. Each student will have the opportunity to lead small groups of their fellow trainees through several consecutive postures and learn thematic approaches to teaching. The teaching will be followed by feedback sessions.
    Emphasis will be placed on the teacher trainers watching and observing other teachers.  This helps with learning the “tricks of the trade”.
    During the course of the year of training, teacher trainers will teach publicly (friends or community classes) and receive feedback from them.

    Emphasis will be placed on touch…the importance of understanding how the touch of an instructor can have a huge impact on your student.  Mindfulness, care, healing and love are the focus here.
    We are taught a short routine that will allow you to incorporate into your classes and to use when you recognize students in extra need.
    We are introduced to Reiki and its power of healing.  Again, helping the teacher trainers understand its affects and all with the intention of making you be the best instructor you can be!   After this session, you will be Reiki certified.
    In this 4-Part lecture series, we will explore how and why yoga is a important to healthy mind and body framed by advances in Cognitive Science, Neurobiology, Philosophy, History & Hands-on Techniques to balance the Nervous System.


    Following the initial 6-week intensive is a 10-month distance learning program which requires the submission of projects associated with practice teaching and growth. Completion of the entire year long, 500+ hour teacher training is necessary in order to receive your certificate beyond one year of training start date.