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Helloooo ma loverlies!!
How awesome it is that we get to re-open!!!  A reminder our re-opening date is *OCTOBER 11* …YAY!!

Now for the question of the month…
The Sangha Trinidad’s COVID Protocols AND Other Information…

  • Great news…we get to operate at 50% capacity.  As a result, we will have 10 spots available in-studio and 25 spots available on the rooftop!
  • This means PRE-REGISTRATION for those spots will be required.
  • If cancelling your spot, I ask that you do so at most *3 hours* before your class, in order to accommodate anyone who may be waiting on a free spot.
  • If you booked a spot and didn’t cancel or show up, a *NO-SHOW FEE of $60TT* will be incurred, whether you have a Sangha Pass or not



Here’s a step-by-step on how to get to the studio once you arrive at 6 Scott St., St. Clair…now known as the *SANAA* building.


  • The South African Embassy has left so now there is even more street parking available!  But please folks…can you try to make an effort to *park tight and park responsibly*? Tannnnxxx!
  • Between *8AM and 4PM*, there is a receptionist – her name is *Debbie* – she is located right at the front door.  If she is there, she will open the door for you.
  • If she isn’t there, look on the wall just outside the door and you will see a panel.  Use the *UP 🔼 and DOWN 🔽 arrows* and search for *Sangha Yoga*.  Once you highlight the name, press the *Bell🔔 Button* and we can let you in.  *PLEASE NOTE:* There may be some delays in opening the door due to technological issues (internet etc.), just be patient 😊.  You can try calling the studio number 730-YOGA (9642)  if anything.  But *please DO NOT tap on any of the other tenants’ windows.*
  • Once you enter, look left – *sanitize, and take your temperature*.
  • There is also a *Sign-in Book on the reception desk*.  Go to the front of the book and fill in the date, your name, you are visiting *“Sangha”*, the time of your arrival and your temperature reading.
  • All windows and the door of the studio will remain open during the class.  As a result, there is a *Mask-to-Mat* policy.  This means masks are required to be worn upon entering the building and you can choose to wear your mask, once on your mat.
  • *All props will be sanitized after every class*.  And as usual, they will be frequently washed in a washing machine and thoroughly sanitized (we use Tide, baking soda, bleach and essential oils).  Also note, the hot water we use is so hot you can make tea from the tap 😉! If you are still uncomfortable using the studio props, there are props available for sale at the studio!



As mandated by our government, we are required by law to check that everyone taking class as well as all teachers are vaccinated.  Here’s how this will go…

  • Copies of all the *teachers’ vaccination cards*, who will be teaching in-studio, *will be displayed* in the studio…kind of like a food-handling badge in a restaurant.
  • We are currently having a *PROOF OF VACCINATION STATUS PRE-REGISTRATION DRIVE* for our current practitioners *between now and OCTOBER 11*.  You are asked to email us a picture of your Vaccination Card, showing that you are *FULLY VACCINATED (that is 2 weeks after second dose or 2 weeks after the J&J single dose vaccine)*.  We will attach the picture to your Mindbody Profile in our system.
  • *If you are new to the studio*, the teacher will ask you to produce your card and then ask you to take a picture of it in their presence and watch as you whatsapp it to our studio number at 730-YOGA (9642).  We will attach it to your profile once it’s created.




⭐   *We WILL NOT be Gestapo_ing anyone who attends our classes!*  You will be asked for this information ONCE and ONLY ONCE, for the purposes of documenting your status. If a teacher is unsure about your status, they will be able to access the system from their phone to check or message me for verification.

⭐   As we all know, even if vaccinated you can contract and spread the infection and many of us are Asymptomatic (which means you can be a carrier and have/feel no symptoms).  As such, we *CANNOT guarantee* that the space is a – COVID-19, DELTA or whatever variant is “out there” – free space.

⭐   If you are *UNWELL = PLEASE DON’T TRY TO COME TO CLASS!* EVERYONE is under stress right now and the last thing we need is for the class vibe to be disrupted worrying about who is infectious or not…ya know?

⭐   If you are *AFRAID OR CONCERNED* in any way, *you can either wear your mask OR take advantage of our Online Class offerings* …it’s that simple!

⭐   *Our Practice Room will be a COVID vaccination Discussion-FREE zone*NO OPINIONS regarding vaccinations – whether for or against will be tolerated.

⭐   The Sangha Trinidad is a *JUDGMENT-FREE space!*



  • To accommodate those who cannot and/or are hesitant to come to the studio, where possible, our classes will be *MIXED/HYBRID* meaning there can be *ONLINE* and *IN-STUDIO* participants in one class.  However, some *classes may be in-studio only or online only*, as indicated in our Whatsapp Broadcasts and our online Schedule.
  • Speaking of Whatsapp Broadcasts – we send out the daily schedule each night, for the next day.  This is the ONLY place to receive the ZOOM details for online.  It is also the immediate place to receive INSTANT ALERTS – like cancellations or any other updates affecting classes.  Essentially, the Whatsapp Broadcasts go out to all who are currently practising with us at the Studio or Online.
    To receive these updates, please whatsapp us at 730-YOGA (9642).
  • *ALSO NOTE:*  Private classes are always available!  These are classes for you and your circle of friends/family and are open to individuals up to a group of 10. For more details on these sessions regarding the who, what, where, when and how much? Whatsapp us directly!  Private classes are YOUR classes.
  • *Regarding children:*  Under 12 and in-studio, we will require them to wear a mask.  On the rooftop the mask is optional.  If 12 and over…all requirements as per the previous notes above, will apply.


Other than ALLLLLL of that…remember there are many Pass options…many class options and the chance to feel like a community again!


If you have any further questions, any comments or concerns, please feel free to whatsapp us at whatsapp us at 730-YOGA (9642) OR email us at

Now let’s have FUN!
Lots of Love ❤️🙏!



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