Foot Reflexology Trainings with Shivana Inalsingh


Shivana Inalsingh is a Clinical Integrative Reflexologist, with over 20 years of practise, training, experience and research in the field of Integrative Health Care and Lifestyle Medicine. She is also very much involved in the world of boxing as well where she has also published articles like this one in the World Boxing Association Medical News “EXPLORING THE BENEFITS OF CLINICAL REFLEXOLOGY AND CRANIO SACRAL THERAPY AS POST BOUT CARE FOR BOXERS”. She has even worked with Muhammad Ali before his passing!!! With this much knowledge and experience, who better to learn from?


OTHER INFO: This course is the foundation to the Level 1 module. You will receive hand-outs and a certificate of Participation at the end of this course.
This is a basic taster introduction where you learn the basics of reflexology that will include some hands-on practice using some of the techniques for general relaxation. There will also be some basic theory covered that includes some history, basic hands-on techniques and then some practical where we partner up and practice on each other. **Level 1 will cover more detail.


This is a more intensive course that focuses on developing your technique and understanding of reflexology. This Training focuses on the historical art of Foot Reflexology with a hands-on approach to developing your skill to perform a full Foot Reflexology session for general health. We will work on developing your general understanding and identification of the feet as a map of the body and developing your skill through practise in the thumb and finger techniques used in Reflexology to perform a full guided session. **PLEASE NOTE: Your finger nails must be short once you have shown interest in this Training.









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