Guru Non-Slip Yoga Towels

Yup, that’s right folks, a new shipment of towels is herrrre!!!  We only ordered a few so don’t wait to long to decide!


Choose any of the following colours…

  • Ebony
  • Gray
  • Olive Green
  • Orange Sunset (SOLD OUT)
  • Purple
  • Steel Blue
  • Sky Blue (SOLD OUT)
  • Crimson (Red) (SOLD OUT)
  • Pink (SOLD OUT)

The towels are soft and super absorbent.
Eco-friendly, made of 80% polyester,
derived 100% from **recycled plastics,
and 20% natural cotton.
The only towel that has a patent pending pocket
on the back.
A place to hold your keys, your rings
or it can even attach to the corner of your mat
to prevent even more slippage during your class.
They are pre-shrunk and pre-washed
to keep all the colours from running.
Always in the coolest colours and 25×68 in size.

**These towels are made from recycled pop bottles.
The plastic bottles are broken down and spun into thread
This process is so super eco-friendly, because
even the towel itself can be recycled back into that raw thread again
and made into a new towel.
Super cool!
To order, email us at…