We are ONLINE and What You need to Know

We Have ONLINE Class Options…What You need to Know?




Sooo awesome that you are spreading the word πŸ™πŸ»! All ya gotta do is just give them this number… *730-YOGA (9642)* and we can take it from there to discuss schedule and payment etc.!


    Hellz yeah…that’s the beauty of online, right??!


    We can take *credit card over the phone*. You can also do *direct deposit or online banking – the account is at First Citizens Bank MovieTowne 1669174 – Moksha Yoga Trinidad Company Limited.*Β  It is a chequing Account for those who need to know.



    We have a full listing of PASSES on our FEES PAGE


    1. We discovered that you must download the ZOOM APP.
    2. The App can be found in any of the App Stores…but look under the *Apps for purchase.* The basic program is all you need and it’s FREE.
    3. We discovered that depending on the device you login with (i.e. Phone, iPad, Laptop, Android vs Apple) you will have different ways to login. To make it easier for you, we post the links directly in the Schedule Broadcast that we send out each night . *Either one of the 2 links in the schedule will work OR you will just need to enter the code.* If you get the message “meeting has expired” or something like that…choose the other link.
    4. If the audio doesn’t work at first…look for “join audio” on your screen. *BUT* if you have a lot of noise in the background pretty please mute yourself. You can hear us and we can be spared the extra squeaks etc.
    5. If every time someone speaks I disappear…tap your screen and look for a box with other small boxes…this is the *Gallery View* …switch to that and that should fix the problem!
    6. If you need to see on a *bigger screen* you can use an adapter or screen share to your TV from your phone, iPad or laptop! Then you can change the settings so it’s all me or instructor big and then the others on the side.
    7. And finally if you are new to this, can you please do a test run to see if it works for you wayyyyy BEFORE the class? It could even be another day. But *please try to avoid messaging me etc 1hr before class 😯.* I know I tend to give you the idea that I am super human 😁πŸ’ͺ🏾, but noooo…I can’t drive and respond or get ready and respond…ya know what I mean 😘? Help me nah? Tannnxxx!!! πŸ’›πŸ§‘β€












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