Camp Kula’s home base is at
The Sangha Trinidad,
located at
6 Scott St. , St. Clair, Port of Spain

For information on the camp counsellors, discounts,
details on the places we plan to visit,
the overnight camping and more…
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Karen Blackman is an E-RYT® 500 teacher.  She is certified to teach hot yoga, yin yoga, meditation, aerial yoga and vinyasa yoga and is the creator/founder of The Sangha Trinidad, as well as The Sangha Trinidad’s Yoga Teacher Training Program.  The Sangha Trinidad was established in 2005 and is an RYS® 500 school (currently the only yoga alliance 500hr registered school in this part of the Caribbean), making it just over 14 years that she has been teaching. During this time she has also worked with kids and has been successful in earning their trust when it comes to them learning new things.  She has a 10 year old niece and 1 year old nephew, who keep her young at heart and she just can’t wait to have fun with your children!!


Christine Burgess, is the world’s best Nail Technician!!  Can you tell we are biased *smile*?  She is the mom to a young new highschooler – her son Triston and is totally amazing with kids!  She is a planner, very meticulous and is just simply a fun child in a woman’s body…i.e. she knows how to have fun and help kids have a great time!


“Kula” (prounouced koo-lah) means “community of like-minded individuals”. CAMP KULA is for kids open to meeting other kids, kids looking for action and kids who know how to have fun! This is not no sit down kinda camp…nope, nuh uh, this is a camp about being active and creative…your kids will be mentally stimulated and will experience so much!


2 Siblings = $1200
3 Siblings = $1650
By the Day/Child = $125 Base.  Plus the cost of the excursion/extra activity for the day




Aerial Yoga has been around for thousands of years and has made a huge impact of late. It is known to help reduce stress, help with circulation and can completely aid in calming kids down.  Aerial yoga is also a great way to get kids feeling brave!  Of course we would never force a child to do anything they didn’t want to do, but nothing is more perfect than seeing other kids trying something and seeing what happens if you try.
~ with Karen Blackman, Director of The Sangha Trinidad


Acro Yoga or Partner Yoga is fairly new.  It requires 2 people working together to get into poses.  The person at the bottom is the BASE and the person balancing on top is known as the FLYER.  It requires trust of your partner and encourages 2 people to learn to work together.  It is great for team building and helping children to make new friends.
~ with Karen Blackman, Director of The Sangha Trinidad


Let’s get them thinking creatively…so much time is spent with their iPad, the TV or just doing school work…we are gonna help them dig deeper! Introducing…THE ANIMAL INSIDE YOU – A Blind-Drawings, Sculpture, Jewellery-Making course!  This is a course that was created by Jade and one that she has been perfecting over the last few years…it’s gonna be super awesome!
~ with Jade Drakes

Who is Jade?


Jade Drakes is a Trinidadian jeweller with a fondness for all things craft and animal, especially the dog. She was born in Venezuela of Trinidadian and Italian parentage and moved to Trinidad at a very young age. In her early 20s, she set off to America to study and work. She studied Metalsmithing and Theatre at Slippery Rock University. She went on to study Bench Jewellery and Stone Setting at North Benet Street School.  She also studied stone setting at Alchimia,  a contemporary jewellery school in Florence, Italy.  Jade draws her inspiration from nature, old shops that sell old things, old ladies, old men, museums, books – especially children’s books, female contemporary artists, insects and conversation.


Here we will be at the hands of the hostest with the mostest – Martin Blackman – Mini golf expert and enthusiast!  Where the kids will be mini golfing; gaming – dance, boxing bowling and more; karaoke; trampoline; and all kinds of activities!!  Oh and lunch is included…YAY!!

We will head here on the last day for our overnight camping trip, with Courtenay “the Bushman” Rooks.  Swimming first and then camping complete with bonfire and marshmallows!  **Parents can stay for $75 extra per parent.  Courtenay Rooks is one of the country’s top outdoorsman! He has been doing this all his life. If you want to know anything about our vegetation, birds and other animals, he is your man! And he is GREAT with kids!!!  This will be a great opportunity for them to learn so much more!

Veronica’s Pottery Studio exists to explore and to teach the many enjoyable and creative possibilities of building with clay.  This is an awesome medium to help kids learn how to find their centre.  It’s also a great way to develop focus and concentration.

Last year we over planned…the kids were exhausted…oops!  So this year, we won’t plan much more until we meet the kids.  But with only 3 more days in the week, we are thinking of checking out places like UPick, MovieTowne, Nalis and the National Museum and maybe even doing a cooking class!  Who knows…let’s see what they choose!

Oh yeah…and Camp Songs…yeah yeah! No camp should call themselves a camp if they don’t have camp songs – Do you ears hang low? Mexican Hand Clapping Song (Chiapenacas) and so many more!  What else are gonna sing around our campfire??


Water is provided, but lunch and snacks must be provided by parents, unless otherwise stated.

Listen when we tell you that…

My name is Karen Blackman. I'm the author of most of the material found on this website. When I write, you will find that my words are as if I am speaking to you directly. I try to be funny, straight to the point and simple. Here's hoping you enjoy! Oodles of Toodles and plenty Hugz of goodness! KB