Our Location & Amenities





Mid Port of Spain – MARAVAL TAXI –
Cost: $5 one way.

1. The Maraval Taxi stand is located next to the KFC on the corner of Duke St. and Charlotte St.
2. The Taxi goes around the Savannah along Saddle Rd. to Maraval. Ask the taxi to stop at the 2nd road on the left after you pass the Ministry of Agriculture (Just before the Ellerslie Plaza traffic light). This is Newbold Street.  Many drivers from town know it as ANYA AYOUNG CHEE’S HOUSE…you can also try mentioning that to help you get closer to the location upon arrival.
3. Walk down Newbold, take the 1st right which is Scott St.
4. On Scott St., walk 3 houses down on the right hand side, just after the South African Embassy. It’s the only 2-story building with aluminum gates.

Scott Street to Port of Spain – Cost: $5.00 one way.
1. Exit the building and take a right, then the first right towards Ellerslie Plaza. Walk through Ellerslie Plaza to get to Saddle Rd.
2. Cross the Road towards the bus stop and look out for H cars or yellow ban maxi taxis.
3. H cars generally put you down at the Maraval taxi stand on the corner of Duke and Charlotte; Yellow Ban Maxis stop just before Park street

There are also P cars which go down Saddle Road, but you take them at your own risk. You just have to assess the driver (and passengers) as best you can and make a decision).  Sometimes the P cars take you further down Charlotte Street so there is not so you don,t have to walk so much when you get to Charlotte.  And then there is always UBER!


  • We are located upstairs.
  • There are 2 mirrored rooms - STUDIO A (18p capacity) and STUDIO B (10p capacity).  We are smaller, as we try to connect with you better to be able to adjust for your needs easier.
  • The area is serene with the amazing sound of birds and lots of trees.
  • Pot lighting so the night classes will feel soothing.
  • A/C available for any workshops and specialty classes.
  • We have a water cooler to refill your reusable bottles.  We don't sell bottled water in an effort to help reduce the amount of plastic that goes back into our environment.
  • There is a small lounge area, as well as other areas to just sit and gather while you wait for your class to begin or to lime for a bit after class.
  • We have Notice Board you can check for updates there.  We also invite you to post anything you want to advertise as well.
  • We rent skidless towels, regular towels and yoga mats for your convenience and available at the sign-in desk.
  • We also sell yoga mats, skidless towels and yoga blocks available at the sign-in desk.
  • Some of you may require blocks, straps, and/or tennis balls during the class...these are all available for your use at no extra cost, at the sign-in table.
  • PARKING:  It's street parking in the heart of St. Clair.  The area is full of embassies, we are near to the Jamaican Embassy and next door to the South African Embassy so the area is pretty safe.  Still, we know that night classes could be worrisome so we are going to have security available after 6PM

The ladies washroom and shower is located in Studio A and it’s air conditioned!   There is also a unisex washroom and shower located in the meeting room space. There is a more private washroom located downstairs next to the pool.  There is a full length mirror on the ladies side, as well as a divider for those who would like to change more privately.  There are hooks for hanging your clothes.  We offer other amenities such as Peppermint soap at the sinks and showers and hair woogies.  Unfortunately, like we would like to be more eco-friendly in the showers, time has proven that humidity tends to make mold and mildew grow faster so yeah we use it…BLEACH!!!!  And tons of it!!  Including the doors and handles!  Sanitation first peoples!


There are so many other features about this space that we know you will love!  There is a Rooftop that will allow us to have sunrise, sunset and even lunar classes!  There is the sound of the birds and the ruffling bamboo trees and you can see butterflies around. There are other tenants on the compound and it’s really cool how everyone works together. Annnnnd we can even offer packages that include a combination of Yoga and Massage…think corporate events, group limes, Mother’s and Father’s Day gifts…so many possibilities!  Just email us!