New to The Sangha Trinidad?

Are you new to The Sangha Trinidad?

Then there are few things you should know about our likkle community…

        1. We NEVER lock doors!
          We get that sometimes you might be late to class…sh*t happens.  Once you come in however, please try to do so quietly and quickly so as not to distract the rest of the class.  BUT if we feel you are making this a habit, then we will ask that you just simply try to make it to the next class.

        2. We not stush stush!
          Yeah we may have doctors, lawyers etc., that come to our classes, but we all mix…students, housewives, cleaners, doctors, entrepreneurs, business owners…everyone mixes!  This doesn’t mean we don’t have style or class…’cause we mos def do!  In fact, we are quite the funky bunch!  We just mean we don’t look down on anyone and totally treat each other with respect. 

        3. We don’t chant in our classes.
          We do try to encourage you into a meditative practice by being quiet most times.  We don’t chant during our classes, but try to get you to understand that being quiet is the first step to beginning a meditation practice.   If we had a special class where chanting might happen, you would be told first.  And if you are interested in taking your mediation practice further, we offer separate meditation sessions for you.
        4. We try to encourage you not to take it so seriously.
          While we do encourage a predominantly quiet time during your practice, you will get our instructors bustin’ out a joke here and there because we fully believe in laughter and putting a smile on your face.  Seriously too, smiling helps your body relax and you will find that you actually get into the poses better.

        5. People will come to class dressed half naked and we are okay with that!
          Yowww…it’s hot yoga!  In North America, the custom is to wear bikinis or speedos.  So take it easy…pretend it’s Carnival if this offends you.  That said, we do encourage our instructors to be properly dressed while teaching.

        6. One thing we really don’t like is cell phones on your mat and/or you answering them during class.
          If you are a doctor and on call, or even a mummy and you have kids to worry about, that’s one thing…then we ask that you please stay in the back of the class so as not to distract the others.  But if it’s just there and you know you just tend to check your phone all the time, can we ask that you NOT do that?  It is terribly distracting and you end making everyone else’s practice about your practice and that’s really not fair or yogic.