100-Day Challenge!

We are overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of everyone living near and far to participate in our 100-DAY CHALLENGE!  See below for how you can participate if you are unable to come in to pick up your card and for other fun things to do during the Challenge…


Have you decided what your intention will be for the 100 Days??
Each day, depending on your mood, draw your face…are you happy?  Excited?  Vex?
Draw the face and keep track of your daily progress.
You can pick up your player card at The Sangha Trinidad and it will look like this…

We will have an online version of the card coming soon!
Just having a few technicalities but aiming to get the card up as soon as we can.  In the meantime, visit our FanPage at www.facebook.com/sanghayogatrinidad  to select one of our DARREN CHEEWAH, custom-designed emoticons.

Save the image…Post it on Facebook and then Share it on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp…EVERYWHERE!
Make it your status pic of the day…sing it out loud, baby!
If playing online, just keep a record of your “moods” so you can update your card once we post it online.



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