Thai Yoga Massage Level 1 Certification


THURSDAY, MAY 17, 2018 and SUNDAY, MAY 20, 2018
5PM to 10PM (5HRS. Thursday and Friday)
8AM to 7PM (10HRS. Saturday and Sunday)

The Thai Yoga Massage Technique uses point pressure and muscle stretching. It is the combination of yoga stretching, calmness of meditation, with acupressure, exercise movement and reflexology that makes it a complete healing art. It is worked on a floor with the client dressed in comfortable loose clothing. The therapist uses their hands, feet and elbows and knees to free tension stored in the recipient’s body. Levels one gives students the opportunity for more advanced training over time. The Training is held to the highest professional standards, that are recognized across North America for professional liability insurance. In Canada, the curriculum is endorsed by the provincial massage therapy association of three provinces.

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