Sangha Promotions!

If you are new to The Sangha Trinidad AND have not taken any classes with us at any time when we were under the name Moksha Yoga Trinidad when we were located at either the Belmont location, Immortelle in St. Ann’s, Henry Pierre St. in Woodbrook OR when we were located at 103 Tragarete Rd., you can get unlimited classes during your first 2 weeks or your first 30 days of signing up with us!

To show our on-going appreciation to our regular students for recommending others to take classes with us, we have a REFERRAL PROGRAM.  Quite simply, you earn a point every time you get someone to come to class and if you earn 6 points you can earn yourself a FREE class!

Yup that’s right folks…we have deals!!!  So Click Here to get the full details on these promotions that we are having!

PLUS, *NEW* Yoga Mats and Carriers are being ordered! Check here to see what choices you have and ORDER NOW!

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